Missi’s Challenge #4

Here is my recipe page:


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Missi’s Challenge 3

I did a two page payout for this challenge.


Here is the page with the stamp we were to create:


Here is the other page:


And the two pages together:


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Missi’s Challenge 2



credits:  May Free with Purchase bundle at Gingerscraps by Pretty in Green, template is U Move Me by Pixels by Jen 


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Abigail’s Challenge #3

Credit: They Are (Grab Bag) by Pretty in Green

Butterfly in flower stamp made by Abigail

Take Time for Beauty

While walking in the JDRF walk to support our family friend, Rachel Cahill, we had to take time to let the children get their hair spray painted, since it was Halloween. Afterwards at home, we took some time to watch butterflies…

…because even amidst the hardships in our lives, we must remember that there is always beauty from God in every moment.


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Abigail’s Detour #2


They Are (Grab Bag) by Pretty in Green at GingerScraps “Adventure” tag freebie from Shore Designs
2 fonts used, one for journaling which reads: Meghan, at just one year old loved exploring!  She found adventure and fun in everything! She espeically loved playing in the sanbox and splashing in the bathtub!
Then another for September 2006
Used 2 solid papers, 2 patterned papers, more than 3 elements, 5 pictures, drinking ice cold water  :)  Thanks for a fun LO!!

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Abigail’s Challenge #2

Credit:  Kit by Pretty in Green at Gingerscraps  Charity Car Wash



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Missi’s Detour #1


Credits:  Gingerscraps Buffet Match Made in Heaven; Night Owl template by Sugar Kissed Designs

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Missi’s Challenge #1



Credits:  Oh the Places by Connie Prince 


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Detour #2 is UP!

Reminder: Detours are NEW this year for the ADSR. These are EXTRA challenges hosted by some of designers here at NDISB.com during the race.  These detours do NOT count towards the grand prize..

  • Each detour will be posted by one of the designers listed in this thread, either here in this forum, on their blogs, twitter or facebook page, you just need to find where.
  • Each challenge also has it’s own prize and each designer will give you her rules for that challenge.
  • You may do one challenge or all of them or none of them.
  • Your partner does not have to do the detours. These are just extra challenges for fun
  • Since Detours are NOT official race challenges all layouts should be uploaded to our Contests and Challenges Gallery
  • After you upload your 2nd detour layout in the gallery make sure you come back here and post the layout in this thread no later than May 17th, so the designer can keep track of who played and give out any prizes!
  • you 2nd Detour host will take over this thread, so you don’t have to deal with me again

These can be found over at NDISB

Here is the text from my blog post for our second Detour Challenge… (head over to my BLOG for the recipe – I hope you love it as much as we do) Welcome to by the Shore designs…whether you are participating in ADSR7 (the Amazing Digital Scrap Race) and are on a detour or are simply stopping by to say hello – I’m glad you’re here. The Amazing Digital Scrap Race is hosted by Natural Designs in Scrapbooking and we are all having a blast.  I just love all of the layouts that are showing up in the gallery so far!  Are you ready for a digital scrapbooking challenge? I decided to serve you a Recipe Challenge as you need to stay nourished on this journey. One of my favorite recipes is a Three Bean Casserole. My favorite aunt, Bonnie, shared this recipe with me years ago and I hope she’s okay that I spread the love. It’s easy to make and is a real crowd pleaser. (Check the end of this post for the recipe) OK, back to the detour! This ADSR7 detour is a layout challenge – A Recipe for Adventure. Make sure you use all 7 “ingredients” and create a layout following the recipe directions. The most important part is to have fun!
1. One cool beverage 2. Facebook Freebie from by the Shore designs – here 3. Two Patterned Papers (minimum – add more if desired) 4. Two Solid Papers (minimum – add more, if desired) 5. Three photographs 6. Three different elements (you can use these elements multiple times if desired) 7. Two favorite fonts
Directions: Grab your favorite beverage (see ingredient one) and enjoy! It’s important to stay hydrated on your adventure!
The word ADVENTURE must appear somewhere on your layout. Head over to my facebook page, ‘like’ me, and download my ADSR7 Freebie. At least one item from this freebie must be added to your layout.
Add the remaining ingredients (special note: ingredient one should NOT be added to your page) You may always add more to your layout, but the required ingredients listed above must be included. Mix well, season to taste.
When you have completed your layout – head on over to NDISB and upload it to our Challenge and Contest gallery.  Make sure you tell us in the comments what beverage you were enjoying (ingredient one) For the record, I am currently enjoying a cold diet caffeine free Dr. Pepper.
For everyone that successfully completes this detour and posts their layout in the gallery no later than May 17th, I will send a discount coupon to my store at NDISB (will be a private message on your NDISB account)   Note: even if you are not an ADSR7 participant, if you complete the detour challenge as indicated and upload your layout to the NDISB Challenge and Contest gallery – I will send you a discount coupon too. It’s that easy!

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Challenge #2 is UP!

With Love Because of . . . Challenge
With Love Studio wants scrapbooking to be fun and meaningful. We all have interesting and important stories to tell and share with our loved ones. Your life is different (better, hopefully, but not necessarily) because of something or someone. Maybe it’s a spouse or a child. Maybe it’s a significant or unexpected life event or decision (taking a leap of faith-new job, moving, etc).
We want you to make a layout telling us about that person or life changing event. Our challenge is pretty simple, but we hope it will be a meaningful layout for your collection.
Rules: You can use more than two, but your layout must include at least two photos representing the subject of your layout. Your title must include the words “Because of” but cannot contain the word “you” You must journal about your person or event.
Thanks for stopping by With Love Studio. Please feel free to post your layout in our galleries HERE

http://withlovestudio.net/gallery/showg … hp?cat=553

so we can leave you lots of love. Most importantly – make sure you post your layout in the ADSR Gallery by the deadline.
Good luck! We can’t wait to see all the fabulous layouts!
Everyone who completes this challenge will win a $5.00 Gift Certificate for any item in the With Love Studio Shop.

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